woman-in-handcuffsThe United States is marked by a horrifically unfair criminal justice system.  Our organization joins with many others to encourage the dismantling of the prison industrial complex and the creation of alternative, humane ways to address crime and injustice.  This section of our website features initiatives from around the country created by community activists, formerly incarcerated people, educators, legal scholars, law officers, and ordinary citizens committed to dismantling mass incarceration.

Chris Moore-Backman, director of the Chico California Peace Justice Center has created a series of radio documentaries, called “Bringing Down the New Jim Crow.” These audio shows are inspired by Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color Blindness.

Click to hear the programs and to learn more about ways to connect with the movement to end mass incarceration in the USA.

Daniel Hunter and the Chico Peace and Justice Center (Chico, CA) have partnered with the Veterans of Hope Project to produce a study guide for Michelle Alexander’s book, as well as an organizing guide to help build the movement against mass incarceration. Click to order the books and for more information.