vhope-yogaThe Veterans of Hope Project is honored to be a co-sponsor of Satya Yoga Immersion/Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) for People of Color, an innovative program organized by Denver-based teacher, Lakshmi Nair.

The Satya Yoga Immersion/Yoga Teacher Training program aims to provide an educational and empowering experience that brings students of color to a deeper understanding of yoga and of themselves in a nurturing, joyful, and safe space where our cultures are respected, our differences are honored, and our historical trauma as well as our present daily traumas are acknowledged and given space to heal.

Though the roots of yoga are in India (and there is significant evidence of yogic practice in Ancient Egypt and Eastern Africa as well, suggesting an ancient common root), yoga in the West still does not reflect yoga’s origins, nor the diversity of the general population.  Satya Yoga Immersion and YTT aims to address this imbalance.  Yoga is for all.  More yoga teachers of color means more communities will benefit from the empowering, healing practices yoga offers.

This program is one of the first of its kind to specifically address the negative effects of racism and oppression on the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of communities of color through the wisdom of yoga.

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