This is such a WONDERFUL resource. Just saw it today. It includes oral testimonies from a range of Black women talking about their lives, their children, their grandchildren and their struggles, joys and insights. You can read transcripts or listen to audio.

Here’s a description from the site: “While there are many caricatures and archetypes of black grandmothers (e.g., mammy, Aunt Jemima, Tyler Perry’s Madea, Martin Lawrence’s Big Mama, etc…) no archive solely dedicated to the experiences of real black grandmothers exist. I coined the concept Real Back Grandmothers to distinguish between real black grandmothers and black grandmothers as romanticized, pathologized, and caricaturized beings. When we tell their stories as imagined rather than as real beings, we not only tell them inaccurately, but also we erase their humanity, nuance, and complexity. With this in mind, the mission of Real Black Grandmothers is to create a digital archive of personal accounts, cultural artifacts, living and oral histories that captures the remarkable and diverse experiences of black grandmothers and their grandchildren from the past to the present.”

Here’s the site!

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